Quality assurance of higher education institutions is one core area to revitalizing higher education and research in Africa. The Commission of the African Union therefore spearheaded the development of an African Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM) to establish an African system that will ensure the performance of higher education institutions can be compared against a set of common criteria and to help the institutions carry out self-evaluation exercises to support the development of institutional cultures of quality. A pilot self-rating exercise was conducted in 2010 where 32 institutions were participated. 

Based on the experience and feedback gained from the pilot survey, the Commission of the African Union in collaboration with the Association of African Universities developed this revised version of AQRM questionnaire and rating instrument. It is expected that African higher education institutions will take ownership of their own quality assurance processes and use this AQRM questionnaire as one means of supporting continuous quality improvements and as a tool for strategic planning in quality assurance. 

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Your cooperation in completing this questionnaire is greatly appreciated. It is important that each question is answered carefully so that the information provided reflects the situation in your institution and programmes as accurately as possible.  You are also advised to submit the questionnaire electronically so as to allow efficient processing of the data.